Miss Doty

Classroom:  Kinder

Birthday:  July 6th

Restaurant:  Whiskey Cake, Gloria's, Fuzzy's
Stores:  Hobby Lobby, Target, Amazon
Hot Drink:  Coffee with almond milk and splenda
Cold Drink: Iced coffee with 2 splenda
Snack/Candy:  reeses, doughnuts, quest bars
Scents:  Any bath and body works smells good!
School Supplies:  Chart Markers
Hobbies:  NPC body building
I collect:  children's books, stickers
Music:  A little bit of everything
Books/Authors:  Mo Willems
Favorite way to spend a weekend: eating pizza, working out, getting a manicure  
Favorite splurge:  Workout clothes, make-up, girly things
Anything else?  



Miss Harvick

Classroom: Kinder

Birthday: November 27th


Restaurant: Chuy's, Chick Fil A, Salata
Stores: Nordstrom, Target, Macy's
Drink: Pumpkin Spice Latte
Snack/Candy: Vanilla sweet cream iced coffee
Scents: Fall scents
School Supplies: Post-it notes, crayons, ziplock bags
Hobbies: Running, hanging with friends and family, traveling
I collect: Magnets and stickers
Music: Country
Books/Authors: Bernstein Bears 
Movies: Scary movies!!
Favorite way to spend a weekend: Going for a hike, finding new restaurants to eat at, relaxing 
Favorite splurge: Target Dollar section
Anything else?



Miss Near

Name: Kimberly Near
Classroom: Kinder
Birthday: June 6

Restaurant: Hula Hut, Whataburger, Taco Bueno, Palios Pizza
Stores: Hobby Lobby, JoAnn, Academy
Hot Drink: Caramel Apple Spice
Cold Drink: Caramel Frappicino
Snack/Candy: Popcorn, Chocolate-Nut free/Gluten Free
Scents: Mandarin Cranberry, Apple
School Supplies:
Hobbies: Quilting, Drawing, Baking
I collect:
Music: country
Favorite way to spend a weekend: outside with the family, taking Jeep rides
Favorite splurge:
Anything else?:
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