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Goals for 2016-17

Each year, we work toward particular goals. This year, we hope to:


  • Purchase a better "Buddy Bench" for the playground

  • Bring Dr. Recess to Shawnee Trail

  • Purchase Dr. Recess Playground Equipment Packs for kids to use at recess

  • Host our first EVER Fundraising Carnival!!

  • Hit 100% PTA membership for Shawnee Trail Elementary. The idea is to have one adult PTA member per enrolled student— so that every child in our school is represented by someone who cares about their education and success.



During the 2015 - 2016 school year we...

  • Purchased 60 student-grade ukuleles (and associated materials) for the music program— WOW!!!
  • Completed the “in class” libraries we started in 2014 for each classroom
  • Gave every kid in Shawnee Trail a fun "grade-level specific" enrichment program experience (Kindergarten had the Petting Zoo, etc)
  • Brought the community together with Family Fun Night
  • ...and much more!



Buddy Bench


Student-grade Ukuleles






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