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Most recent accomplishments

Each year, we work toward particular goals. In the last few years we have:


  • Purchase a better "Buddy Bench" for the playground

  • Bring Dr. Recess to Shawnee Trail

  • Purchase Dr. Recess Playground Equipment Packs for kids to use at recess

  • Host our first EVER Community Carnival!!



During the 2015 - 2016 school year we...

  • Purchased 60 student-grade ukuleles (and associated materials) for the music program— WOW!!!
  • Completed the “in class” libraries we started in 2014 for each classroom
  • Gave every kid in Shawnee Trail a fun "grade-level specific" enrichment program experience (Kindergarten had the Petting Zoo, etc)
  • Brought the community together with Family Fun Night
  • ...and much more!



Buddy Bench


Student-grade Ukuleles






Want to help? Contact our Volunteer Coordinator or donate online.