Denise Bethard

Position:  Data Clerk

Name: Denise Bethard

Birthday:  June 27th

Restaurant:  Fuzzys
Stores:  Hobby Lobby, Macy's
Hot Drink:  caramel macchiato 
Cold Drink: Diet Coke 
Snack/Candy:  Hot Tamales
Scents:  apple cinnamon, berry
School Supplies:  
I collect:  
Music:  harry connick jr., maroon 5
Books/Authors:  craft book
Movies:  50 first dates, anything with Robert Downey Jr. 
Favorite way to spend a weekend:  relaxing at home
Favorite splurge:  Kendra Scott or James Avery
Anything else?  


Ms. Goodwin


Name: Laura Goodwin


Restaurant: Mi Covina, LaHa, Gloria’s, Chick fil a
Stores: hobby lobby, amazon
Drink: non fat cinnamon latte, i sweet tea
Snack/Candy: anything chocolate, starbursts, jolly ranchers
Scents: earthy scents
School Supplies: sticky notes and stationary 
Hobbies: swimming, walking, trying new restaurants 
I collect: memories 
Music: classic rock
Movies: i love the movies, Mama Mia
Favorite way to spend a weekend: going to festivals, out to eat, or swimming with friends 
Favorite splurge: shoes
Anything else?



Suzie Koyle

Position: Assistant Principal

Name: Suzie Koyle

Birthday: June 28th

Restaurant: Chick Fil A, Zoe's Kitchen, anything Mexican
Stores: Target, Nordstrom
Drink: Diet Coke, Coffee
Snack/Candy: anything gummy
Scents: vanilla, anything Fall
School Supplies: flair pens
Hobbies: reading, shopping, watching my boys play soccer, and visiting my daughter at college
I collect
Music: everything 
Books/Authors: Elon Hildebrand, Kristin Hannah
Movies: Suspense and Romantic comedies
Favorite way to spend a weekend: watching my kids play their games and road trips to Waco to see my daughter
Favorite splurge: manicures/pedicures
Anything else?


Gale Lamb

Position: Counselor

Name: Gale Lamb

Birthday:March 12

Restaurant: Rockfish Grill, Chipotle, Chick fil A
Stores: Hobby Lobby, Mardel, Target, Dollar Tree
Drink: Diet Arnold Palmer, Coke Zero
Snack/Candy: Fruit
Scents: Clean and Fruity, White Citrus, Pear
School Supplies
Hobbies: I want to attend a pottery class
I collect
Music: Any 
Movies: Want to be my neighbor 
Favorite way to spend a weekend: in the mountains 
Favorite splurge: spa
Anything else?









Name: Pam Schaefer


Restaurant: Dilla’s, Mi Cocina
Stores: Nordstrom & Target
Drink: Coffee, sparkling water
Snack/Candy: Peach O’s
Scents: Lemon
School Supplies: #2 Ticonderoga pencils
Hobbies: Reading
I collect
Music: Springsteen, Tom Petty
Books/Authors: biographies 
Movies: Big chill, out of Africa, you’ve got mail
Favorite way to spend a weekend: reading, movies
Favorite splurge: shoes
Anything else?