Amazingly, it only takes about 15 minutes to dismiss 600 kids and clear the carpool lanes. So be patient. You’ll be home before you know it!




Carpool Reminders

The grade of your oldest Shawnee Trail child will determine which door ALL of your children will exit together.






If your oldest Shawnee Trail student is K, 1st or 2nd grade, drop off and pick up your children in front of the school (facing Preston Vineyard Dr.)



If your oldest Shawnee Trail student is in 3rd, 4th or 5th grade, drop off and pick up all of your children at the side entrance to the school (facing Hillcrest Rd.) There is one route for traffic in the mornings, and another in the afternoons (since afternoon is more crowded).



Or —park and walk

If you prefer to avoid the carpool lanes, you can park and walk.
Just be sure to use the crosswalks for safety.








When in Carpool Lanes

  1. Display your child’s carpool tag

  2. Stay in your vehicle and pull forward as far as you can.  A teacher will bring your child to your car at pick up.

  3. Students should enter and exit vehicles using the door closest to the curb—for safety reasons.

  4. Put the cel phones away (it's acually illegal to use them in a school zone, again, for safety reasons.)

When Walking 

  1. ALWAYS use the crosswalks. Do not cross in the middle of the street or parking lot.

  2. Wait to ride bikes and scooters until you are off school property.





If your child will go home a different way than normal, you must contact your child’s teacher and the school office in 469-633-2500