Miss Kozlowski

Name:  Terri Kozlowski

Birthday:  August 27th

Restaurant:  Saltgrass, On the Border
Stores:  Target, Maurice's
Hot Drink: Flat White with 2% milk
Cold Drink: Unsweettea with lemon or iced cafe latte with toffee nut syrup
Snack/Candy:  Dove chocolate or chewy sprees or sweet tarts
School Supplies:  Dry erase markers, Mr. Sketch markers
Hobbies:  Reading
I collect: Crosses and Willow tree figures  
Music:  Contemporary Christian 
Favorite way to spend a weekend:  Reading, biking, and running
Favorite splurge:  Pedicure
Anything else?  
Contact kozlowskit@friscoisd.org


Miss Marino

Name: Melissa Marino

Birthday: March 25th

Restaurant: Olive Garden, Red Lobster, Fuzzy's Taco Shop
Stores: Target, Hobby Lobby
Hot Drink: hot chocolate

Cold Drink: frozen Strawberry lemonade (Sonic), Dr. Pepper, Root Bee
Snack/Candy: dove milk chocolate, M&M's, Twix
Scents: lavender, vanilla
School Supplies: Expo markers, sticky notes,

paper mate flair felt tip pens, Mr. Sketch Markers

Hobbies:  Running, painting, drawing, photography, going to the movies
I collect: picture frames
Music: classical, classic rock
Books/Authors: Steven King, Shari Lapena, Marissa Meyer
Movies: Disney moves, thrillers, dramas, Science Fiction (just about all movies)
Favorite way to spend a weekend: Going to the park with my family and enjoying a picnic
Favorite splurge: shopping
Anything else?
Contact: MarinoM@friscoisd.org



Miss Petty

Name: Lindsie Petty

Birthday:  Feb. 15

Restaurant:  Outback, Jersey Mike's, Taco Bueno
Stores:  Hobby Lobby, Target
Hot Drink: Coffee with any flavored creamer or latte

Cold Drink: Diet Coke;  Vanilla Diet Coke

Snack/Candy: Hot Tamales candy, any sour gummy candy
Scents: All-Especially the ones that come out in the fall and

School Supplies
Hobbies: Cooking, Baking, Reading magazines(Good Housekeeping, any DIY,
cooking or baking magazines)
I collect: Aggies items, Cookie Cutters
Favorite way to spend a weekend: I love spending time with my family and friends watching football, trying new recipes and baking.
Favorite splurge
Anything else?: I like the colors yellow and navy blue, all flowers, and bulldogs


Miss Standerfer

Name: Kaitlin Standerfer


Restaurant: Chick Fil A, Pluckers
Stores: Target, Hobby Lobby
Hot Drink: White Chocolate Mocha, Diet Coke

Cold Drink:
Snack/Candy: Twix, white cheddar popcorn
Scents: vanilla & cinnamon 
School Supplies: expos, glue sticks, post it’s
Hobbies: watching new shows
I collect
Music: country, pop, r&b, rock, everything 
Books/Authors: Mercer Mayer
Movies: Bridesmaids 
Favorite way to spend a weekend: watching tv or movies, dinner out 
Favorite splurge: food
Anything else?: I have a dog and a cat so anything that has to do with them