Miss Christian

Name: Amy Christian
Classroom: 1st grade, rm.405
Birthday: 2/14

Restaurant: chickfila, blaze pizza, sushi, fuzzy's,mash'd,
Stores: Target, Marshalls, Nordstroms, Amazon
Hot Drink: coffee (black)
Cold Drink: Sonic, water with strawberry and lemon
Snack/Candy: fruit, trail mix, popcorn
Scents: peppermint, lemon, lavender
School Supplies: colored paper/cardstock
Hobbies: listening to music, riding my bike, gardening, cooking
I collect: N/A
Music: all types
Books/Authors: better homes and gardens/southern living
Movies: comedy/romance
Favorite way to spend a weekend: baking with my kiddos, watching movies, lounging and recharging
Favorite splurge: mani/pedi
Anything else?: probably but I can't think........😲😏


Miss Dunham

Name:  Hayley Dunham

Birthday:  September 23

Restaurant:  Olive Garden, Taco Bell
Stores:  J. Crew or Target
Hot Drink:  Tea
Cold Drink: Dr. Pepper,  Cherry Limeade from Sonic
Snack/Candy:  Fat Straws or Nothing Bundt Cake
Scents:  Anything fresh and clean smelling
School Supplies:  
Hobbies:  Shopping, yoga, or watching a good movie

I collect:  Special notes or cards that my students give me

Favorite way to spend a weekend: Watching anything on Netflix, relaxing, or cooking/baking
Favorite splurge:  
Anything else?  I like the colors purple, white and teal; hydrangeas; dogs and penguins
Contact:   dunhamh@friscoisd.org


Miss Reiley

Name: Amanda Reiley

Birthday: May 11

Restaurant: Chick fil a, Cheesecake Factory, Chuys, Chilis
Stores: Target, Amazon, TJ Maxx, Lululemon
Drink: Cherry Limeade, Dr. Pepper
Snack/Candy: Dark Chocolate, Starburst, Reese's
Scents: Sweet Pea, Vanilla, Volcano Candle- Capri Blue
School Supplies: Expo Markers, Mr. Sketch Markers, scented stickers, flair pens
Hobbies: hanging out with friends and family, crafting, cooking, watching Netflix, being outdoors
I collect
Music: country
Favorite way to spend a weekend: with friends and family, Texas A&M football games, at the ranch, outdoors
Favorite splurge: clothes
Anything else?: I love anything turquoise, coffee, and dark chocolate


Miss Rodgers



Restaurant: chuy’s
Stores: target
Hot Drink: coffee, Diet Coke

Cold Drink: 
Snack/Candy: chocolate chips
Scents: fruit scents, fall
School Supplies: pens, post it’s, colored paper
Hobbies: exercising, baking
I collect
Books/Authors: Eric Carle, Jan Brett

Movies:  comedy
Favorite way to spend a weekend: with family and friends
Favorite splurge: getting nails done
Anything else?