Let's do something great together!  


Memberships $10/person for 2022-2023 




Why we have a PTA 

PTA is a grassroots organization made up of parents, teachers, and community leaders who have an interest in the well-being of children and youth in our school and community.


Every student is valuable!  PTA provides a way to support students  day-to-day in meaningful ways, and also to advocate for kids in government. By joining the Shawnee Trail PTA, you become part of the largest child advocacy organization in Texas—with over 500,000 members—and have input in major legislative and policy issues affecting children throughout the state. Kids do not have the same power adults do, which is why it's so important that you have a voice for Texas kids! 




Do I have to volunteer or attend meetings?  

No. Volunteering and meetings are optional. (Out-of-state members would find this impossible anyway.) But if you CAN help from time to time, you'll set a fine example for our students.


Any human, regardless of where you live, can join Shawnee Trail PTA.  Parents, students, grandparents, business owners, friends, etc.   (Businesses cannot, although business owners can.) Memberships are good for the current school year (Aug 1-July 31). 


If you want to join 3 or more Frisco PTAs you can do so through Frisco Council of PTAs —and receive special recognition!



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Discounts for PTA families!  

Your PTA membership qualifies you for great discounts too! To take advantage of these offers, click the icons below for discount codes and detailed information.



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Here is the info you'll need to access some discounts:


Name of PTA: 

Shawnee Trail Elementary PTA

School District: 

Frisco Independent School District



Texas PTA offers great scholarships for teachers, faculty and students annually. Click here to learn more!  www.txpta.org/scholarships 



Shawnee Trail Honorary Texas Life Memberships

Each year, Shawnee Trail PTA honors someone who has made a significant contribution to the well-being of children and youth in our community with a Texas Life Membership. This is one of the highest honors Texas PTA can extend.


2021-2022 -- Teri Kozslowski

2020-21—  Lindsie Petty

2019-20—  Pamela Schaeffer

2018-19—  Adella Williams

2017-18—  Jill Grawe

2016-17—  Stephen McCarty

2015-16—  Heather Cox


Others who have been given Honorary Life Memberships by our PTA include: 


Terry Bannerman
Carol Beck
Joy Breedlove
Camille Bryan
Shelly Cummings
Candy Fitzgerald
Kristine Forsythe
Laura Hillenbrand
Sherry Johnson
Alex Kiser
Rae Ann Landrum
Lori Larson
Amy Mackey
Pattie Pearson
Brenda Richard
Sammie Rodgers*
Bryan Sherman
Holli Sherman
Sherrie Shively
Kelly Straub
Tracie Thomas
Sherri Wakeland
Kathleen Wander
Heather Wattier
Denise Wharton
Emily Williams

 * Extended Service Award

If you are a Texas Life Member and would like to take advantage of this distinction, please let our membership chair know.



Questions? Contact our Membership Coordinator.