Why join PTA?


When you purchase a PTA membership through Shawnee Trail each year, you help provide educational and enrichment programs that delight Shawnee Trail kids! 







A voice for every child at Shawnee Trail

You also help provide advocacy. Every child at our school is worth supporting and protecting. So this year, our goal is to have one Shawnee Trail PTA member for every student enrolled at our school. We want to grow the kind of community influence needed to support EVERY student in our sphere of care —and help them reach their potential.  Children do not have the same power adults do. Which is why advocacy is such a big part of PTA’s mission. Learn more about advocacy here.





Everyone's #1 fear about joining PTA?

Will I will be forced to volunteer —
or go to meetings?


Nope!  Joining PTA does not commit you to "do" anything. It simply makes you a supporter of children at our school. You do NOT have to volunteer. You do NOT have to go to PTA meetings.  Although you are very welcome to do both—and we hope you will! :) Read about other PTA myths.






Discounts for PTA families

Your PTA membership qualifies you for great discounts too! To take advantage of these offers, click the icons below for discount codes and detailed information.



from Texas PTA

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Name of PTA: 

Shawnee Trail Elementary PTA

School District: 

Frisco Independent School District





Texas PTA offers great scholarships for teachers, faculty and students annually. Click here to learn more!  www.txpta.org/scholarships 



Shawnee Trail Honorary Texas Life Memberships

Each year, Shawnee Trail PTA honors someone who has made a significant contribution to the well-being of children and youth in our community with a Texas Life Membership. This is one of the highest honors Texas PTA can extend.


2016-17—  Mr. Stephen McCarty

2015-16—  Ms. Heather Cox



If you are a Texas Life Member and would like to take advantage of this distinction, please let our membership chair know.




Hannah Gleghorn