Fundraising 2022-23

This year, with your help, we are raising money
for educational programs, a library boost (new shelving, new seating and fun new items) and a popcorn machine!


We have partnered with Boosterthon to help us raise money for educational programs, STEM nights and a variety of other events throughout the year! 



At the end of our fundraising week, we host a Fun Run. Scroll down to learn what time your student runs. 


Oct. 3rd — Kick off & Pledging begins
Oct. 14th  — Fun Run



Fun Run Schedule

8:00-8:30 Pre-Kindergarten  

8:30-9:30 —Kindergarten and 1st Grade

9:30-10:30 — 2nd and 3rd Grade

10:30-11:30— 4th and 5th Grade


In addition to this year's special goals. we are raising money for the "grade level programs" we bring to Shawnee Trail each year. Examples include the Kindergarden petting zoo, Dinosaur George, High Touch High Tech, Zoonivesity and James Wand - Operation: Bully Free, and more.










Questions? Contact our 2nd VP— Ways and Means.