The Ultimate Back to School Guide for Shawnee Trail


Back-to-School Checklist

▢  New to the district?  click here to register. Otherwise...


▢  Bring in (or email) your utility bill to the school office

You child will not be assigned a teacher until you have verified your address. This is done by bringing in a utility bill in your name. Ore you can emailyour Proof of Residency to Be sure to include your student's name in the subject or body of the email.

If you like to be efficient, have your driver's license scanned at the same time. That way you can have lunch with your child during the school day, etc. 


▢  Buy school supplies 

Download and view PDF


▢   Bookmark your child's "class site"

Each grade level has a website where spelling lists and grade-specific information are kept. You'll need to this information often. shawnee-trail/site/home


▢  Lunch accounts

Fund your child’s lunch account. Even if you child will bring his/her lunch, consider putting some money in this account, just in case they forget it. This system is also used by the teachers to collect field trip fees: 


▢—Get involved! 

Login/Register. (Registering on this site is free.)  If you had an account last year, it will take less than a minute to confirm your family information. If you are new, it should take about 5 minutes.

Join PTA —After you register, you will have the option to join PTA for $7. PTA is a framework that helps us grow the kind of community influence we need to support every child in our sphere of care —and help our students reach their potential. We invite you to join us this year—and hope you will!


 My Volunteer Interests & Skills—  Volunteering at Shawnee Trail is largely coordinated through the PTA. And we would LOVE to serve with you! Tell us how you would enjoy being involved at Shawnee Trail, and we will try to get you plugged in.  When we each do a little—using the talents and abilities we have— it's amazing what we can do together!


 Watch Dog Dads  &  Party Planners (Room Parents)— Two very important jobs at our school are Watch Dog Dads and Party Planners. Learn more about what's involved, and sign up.



▢  Background Check

The district has an entirely new system this year.

If your volunteer work will take you beyond the school office, you will need to request a background check from Frisco ISD. These need to be renewed each school year.



▢  The Trailblazer

If your child is enrolled at Shawnee Trail, you are already signed up for The Trailblazer—an email update sent by our principal each week. It's a really good summary of what's going on at our school. Your year will go much smoother if you spend 3 minutes each week reading it.


▢  Attend Meet-The Teacher Night with your child— 

Bring your school supplies, meet your child's teacher, introduce yourself to Shawnee Trail staff (including the art, music and PE teachers) —and get to know the PTA.



The Basics 


School Hours


Plan to be at school early. The building opens for students at 7:15 and the tardy bell rings at 7:45.


If your child will go home a different way than normal (with a friend, for example), let both your child’s teacher and the office know— in writing.


All changes must be in writing



2017-18 Frisco ISD Calendar

Click to view PDF


Top 10 







Ms. Schaeffer 



Assistant Principal 

Mr. Matisoff





Ms Bethard




If your child will be absent...

notify our data clerk and copy your child’s teacher. Include:

  • Child’s name
  • Child’s teacher
  • Parent contact number
  • Reason for absence


Ms. Larson


Keep your child home if...

he/she has diarrhea, pink eye, or a fever higher than 100.4


Front Office

Ms. Closs


Have your ID scanned

If you would like to visit your child at lunch or attend parties,  have your driver’s license or ID scanned at the front office.



Ms. Lamb


A great help 

... for the ups, downs and adjustments in life. 


Coach Grawe



Mr. McCarty


Ms. Laridjani


Ms. Williams






Every Friday!

Unless you hear otherwise, every Friday at 7:50 a.m. you may join us for Good Morning Shawnee Trail. A time when we celebrate birthdays, acknowledge accomplishments, and connect as a school community.





Important Dates—2017-18


Aug 21 First Day of School
Nov 20-24 Thanksgiving Break
Dec 15 Winter Party
Dec 18-Jan 2 Winter Break
Feb 9 Valentines Party
Mar 12-16 Spring Break
June 1  Last Day of School & End-of-the-Year Party





Fun Events

Attending fun events helps kids feel they are part of a safe and thriving community. This year, the school and PTA are working together to bring to the following events to Shawnee Trail. Plan to attend at least one event with your child.


Curriculum Night

Watch Dog Kickoff


Fall Book Fair

Multicultural Night



Spring Carnival

Diverseabilities Day

Grade-Specific Learning Programs

Open House

S.T.E.M. Night

Spring Book Fair

Family Movie Night



After School 



Carpool & Walking

The grade of your oldest Shawnee Trail child will determine which door  ALL of your children will exit together.



Amazingly, it only takes about 15 minutes to dismiss 600 kids and clear the carpool lanes. So be patient. You’ll be home before you know it!








Kindergarten -2nd —( the Red Route)— If your oldest Shawnee Trail student is in K, 1st or 2nd grade, drop off and pick up your children in front of the school (facing Preston Vineyard Dr.)


3rd-5th Grade — (the Blue Route)— If your oldest Shawnee Trail student is in 3rd, 4th or 5th grade, drop off and pick up all of your children at the side entrance to the school (facing Hillcrest Rd.) There is one route for traffic in the mornings, and another in the afternoons (since afternoon is more crowded).


Park and Walk— (Black route)— If you prefer to avoid the carpool lanes, you can park and walk. Just be sure to use the crosswalks for safety.




When in Carpool Lanes

  • Display your child’s carpool tag

  • Stay in your vehicle and pull forward as far as you can.  A teacher will bring your child to your car at pick up.

  • For safety, students should enter and exit vehicles — using the door closest to the curb.

When Walking 

  • ALWAYS use the crosswalks.
    Do not cross in the middle of the street or parking lot.

  • Wait to ride bikes and scooters until you are off school property.


After School Care

AlphaBest and YMCA provide on-site services at Shawnee Trail.




If your child will go home a different way than normal, you must contact your child’s teacher and the school office in 469-633-2500



8 Great Ways to Get Involved 





1—Join PTA — and use your powers for good 

Shawnee Trail’s PTA is a great group of teachers and parents who combine talents to make Shawnee Trail a better place for kids. Explore membership, volunteering and leadership options on this website.


2— Become a Watch Dog dad

If you are a father, grandfather, uncle—or other type of father figure — set aside one day this year to attend school with your child. Your presence will absolutely delight kids, increase security and send a strong message that education is important to men. Learn more here.


3— Have a lunch date with your child!

Certain tables are reserved in the cafeteria each day, so that you can have lunch with your child. Bring Chick-fil-a or a cupcake and enjoy their company for 30 minutes. Note that classmates cannot join you. This is meant to be time with your own child.


4—Take part in the discussion

Attend the site-based Campus Improvement Team meetings Oct. 19, Feb. 1 and May 3. You can also join our school’s closed Facebook group. Search for “stePTASchoolLife” on Facebook— and ask to join.



5—Join the “Party Planners” team

Support your child’s teacher and work with others parents in the same grade to coordinate and lead 3 parties during the school year. Kids LOVE these parties, and look forward to them eagerly. More info here.


6—Attend the parties!

Join your child 3 times each school year for their class parties: Winter, Valentines and the End of Year party.


7—Do just a little

When we as busy parents commit to doing just a little each year, we accomplish a lot as a group! Whether it’s cutting shapes at home while you watch TV or laminating at school for an hour twice a month, your little effort can make a big difference in our community. Smaller jobs include: Power-of-an-Hour Volunteers Laminating/cutting Grade-level photography groups … and more!


8— Take on a leadership role

If you have some extra time, care about kids, and work well with other adults, leadership may be a good fit for you! Contact our PTA president if you would consider a more active role.




Support our kids! 



 You are invited to join us as strong supporters of kids at Shawnee Trail!   




Register on this website anytime. It's free, and gives you greater access to information about our school.  After you register, you will have the option to join PTA and get involved in the life of our school. And we hope you will! 


Closed Facebook Group

Ask to Join! 

Ask questions. Provide answers. Share your wisdom. Be part of our school community online. Search for "STE PTA School Life" on Facebook, and ask to join.


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