Grandparents Welcome!!! 

Having family members who actively care about you is a special thing. And all too rare. Kids LOVE when school and family blend together. It makes them feel comfortable, confident and special— and brings them a lot of joy.


If you are interested in getting more involved, here are some ideas to consider.


Regardless of where you live, you can:

Join the PTA

Joining Shawnee Trail PTA each school year is one great way to invest in your grandkid's well-being. PTA brings fun educational opportunities into Shawnee Trail each year, and provides advocacy for kids on the local, state and national level. Kids don't have the same power adults have. Our goal is to grow the kind of community influence needed to support EVERY student in our sphere of care —and help them reach their potential. Learn more here.



Support Fundraising Efforts

You can also support your grandchild's fundraising efforts. Fundraising provides programs and supplies for students that are outside the scope of the school's budget. Giving benefits not only your grandchildren but other children, who did not have strong family support. Learn more here


If you live locally you can also:

Come for lunch!

This is a kid-pleaser to be sure! Just check to see what time your student has lunch— and make sure the school isn't closed to visitors the day you plan to come.  Certain tables are reserved in the cafeteria each day, for kids who have lunch dates. Bring Chick-fil-a or a cupcake and enjoy your grandkids for 30 minutes. 

Become a Watch Dog

If you are a grandfather, uncle, father—or other type of father figure — set aside one day this year to attend school with your student. Your presence will absolutely delight kids, increase security and send a strong message that education is important to men. Learn more here.

Join the “Party Planners” team

If you like to make sure kids have a great time, you can volunteer to help lead 3 parties during the school year: Winter, Valentines and End-of-Year. Kids LOVE these events, and look forward to them eagerly. More info here.


Use your powers for good 

Volunteering is a great way to support your grandkid's school in ways that suit your interests and abilities. And it sets a good example for them to follow as they grow. From book fair volunteers to baking for teachers or just doing odd jobs here and there, your investment means a lot— and is noticed by many little eyes! Check out Volunteer Opportunities here!


Use your leadership skills

If you have some extra time, care about kids, and work well with other adults, you could be a valuable PTA board member! This can be a great way to use your business skills, personal skills and passions to make our community a better place. Contact our PTA president if you are open to a leadership role.





Questions? Contact our Membership Coordinator.