Volunteering  Q & A


How do I request a background check?

If volunteering will take you beyond the front office of Shawnee Trail, you need to enroll at https://friscoisd.voly.org. Background Checks should be submitted at least two weeks prior to volunteering. And it must be completed once per school year—after July 1st.



Is my help really needed? 

Oh yes!


Whether you have 30 minutes or much larger blocks of time, there are many opportunities to make the lives of kids at Shawnee Trail better.  And it doesn't matter if you travel for work, work from home, or parent 24-7, there's a place for you!


And it can even be fun! Much depends on finding the right volunteer spot for your time, talents and skills. Take a look at our Volunteer Opportunities Form, and let us know what appeals to you.


And if you happen to be reliable, work well with other adults and would consider a leadership role, let our president (or president-elect) know.




I have questions—and frankly this Q & A page is pretty poorly done. Who do I talk to?  

Start with our Volunteer Coordinator. Another good option is our president-elect.






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