Miss Hardesty

Name:  Monica Hardesty

Birthday:  October 1st

Restaurant:  Chick-fil-a
Stores:  Hobby Lobby
Hot Drink:  Chai Tea Latte, Hibiscus Tea- no coffee
Cold Drink: Water
Snack/Candy:  cheezits- any flavor
Scents:  cinnamon
School Supplies: 3x3 post its 
Hobbies:  Running, crocheting
I collect:  picture frames
Music:  country
Books/Authors: poetry 
Movies:  SMG
Favorite way to spend a weekend: Attending local events, moving and snacks at home  
Favorite splurge:  Spa day, Bath and Body, massage oils
Anything else?  


Miss Seltzer

Name: Jessica Seltzer

Birthday: August 30th

Restaurant: Chick Fil A
Stores: Target, Hobby Lobby
Hot Drink: Youthberry Tea from Starbucks

Cold Drink: Dr Pepper

Snack/Candy: Sour Patch Kids, Gardettos

Scents: Apple Cinnamon
School Supplies: Paper Mate Flair Pens
Hobbies: Crafting
I collect: Candles
Music: Country
Books/Authors: Historical Fiction about WW2 
Movies: Anything Disney
Favorite way to spend a weekend: Watching Texas Tech and Cowboys football 
Favorite splurge: Getting my nails done
Anything else?


Miss Holden

Name: Emily Holden

Birthday: August 8th

Restaurant: Chipotle
Stores: Target, Nordstrom, Loft
Hot Drink: Mocha Moon from Summer Moon, Chai Latte, Pumpkin Spice Latte

Cold Drink: Vanilla Coke

Snack/Candy: Reese's
Scents: Pumpkin, Vanilla
School Supplies: Pens, pencils, colored paper
Hobbies: yoga, tennis, creafting, cooking
I collect
Favorite way to spend a weekend: relaxing, traveling
Favorite splurge: clothes
Anything else?



Miss Neibuhr

Name: Carli Niebuhr

Birthday: September 14th

Restaurant: Chick fil a, chinese, mexican
Stores: Target, Old Navy, Home Goods, Barnes& Noble
Drink: Diet Coke
Snack/Candy: Cheezits, anything chocolate (not mint), Hot Tamales
Scents: new books, fall scents, bath and body works
School Supplies: mechanical pencils, notebooks, dry/erase markers, vis-vis markers
Hobbies: reading, journaling, playing with my kids
I collect: boks, earrings, inspirational quotes, purses and bags
Music: country and Christian
Books/Authors: So many! I love to Read! I'm on an Elin Hildebrand kick now
Movies: How to lose a Guy in 10 days, romantic comedies
Favorite way to spend a weekend: spending time with my family, relaxing, watching movies, reading
Favorite splurge: beauty products 
Anything else?: I have a son in 2nd grade and a daughter in Pre-K, we just moved here form KC this summer :) 


Miss Kyser

Name: Katrina Kyser


Restaurant: Cheesecake Factory, fuzzy’s tacos
Stores: target, Ross, Kroger, Sephora
Drink: iced vanilla latte, cream soda, dr. Pepper with vanilla
Snack/Candy: sour straws, snickers, Twix, tiff’s treats
Scents: fruity
School Supplies: sticky notes, paper towels, pens, disinfecting spray
Hobbies: crafting, makeup, trying new restaurants 
I collect: Harry Potter merchandise, wall flower plug-ins, natural stone jewelry 
Music: anything
Books/Authors: interactive adult workbooks
Movies: Pixar films, Harry Potter, still-if
Favorite way to spend a weekend: eating out, shopping or watching movies
Favorite splurge: fresh flowers and getting nails done
Anything else?: I have 2 cats who love to play with toys